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Kale Peel



The Dermaenergy Kale Peel is a green smoothie for your skin. Full of protective antioxidants, restorative trace elements, acids to increase cellular turnover and overall helps to increase the healthiness and vitality of your skin. Kale, Blue Green Algae and Chlorophyll all help infuse into the skin with essential greens to ensure the skin is at its best.

Enzymes at their core: Kale Peel also contains a proteolytic enzyme that helps to ignite and commence exfoliation. This is further enhanced with Alpha Hydroxy Acids + Beta Hydroxy Acids.

Dermaenergy fruit peels (Berry and Enzyme Peel) are free of Salicylic Acid. Therefore they won’t create heat in the skin. They are designed to be more indulgent and luxurious. The vegetable peels (Pumpkin & Kale Peel) are Salicylic Acid based and create heat.

  • Rejuvenating 
  • Refreshing
  • Refining
  • Healthier Skin
  • Energising
  • Smoothing
  • Instantly Softer Skin
  • Energy Enhancing

Dermaenergy Actives

    • Lactic Acid 10%
    • Glycolic Acid 10%
    • Salicylic Acid 2%
    • Kale - helps boosts the health of the skin 
    • Klamath Blue Green Algae - trace amino acids, vitamins + antioxidants
    • Chlorophyll - enhances health
    • Carrot + Lemon - nourishes + antioxidants
    • ATP - increases energy


    • All skin types
    • Unhealthy skin


    • Pregnancy
    • Topical skin irritations
    • Dermatitis

20 - 30 treatments per bottle