Queer chemistry


“Raised in a strict Catholic family, I grew up knowing that I was different, and that my family strongly opposed my sexuality and my difference. This played out in emotional deprivation and feelings of shame. I spent most of my time desperately trying to fly under the radar. For the most part I was lonely. Being a young gay kid was very challenging, as it was for most queer kids growing up in the ‘80s & ‘90s. Although my start in life was challenging, I have always been one to seek self development and growth and solutions to my challenges. Therapy is a path I commenced 23 years ago, at the age of 22. My journey has been a non-linear experience. 

Derma Energy is a skincare line that I created with pride. Although I didn't want to create just a 'gay-brand', I wanted to proudly show our rainbow colours and lean into our uniqueness and stand with my fellow Queer family. 

Although the skincare world focuses on external physical improvement, I’m excited to bridge the gap and help inspire internal development as well. Derma Energy Facial Tapping (DEFT) is one way I can join these dots. Derma Energy Facial Tapping (DEFT) is an alternative therapy that promotes enhanced energy, increased clarity, and a state of calm. Beneficial for those with anxiety or stress, it’s also ideal for anyone seeking to centre their thoughts, release limiting beliefs, and restore balance to the body and mind. Tapping on different parts of the body helps to balance energy and reduce physical and emotional pain. Your clients can have a DEFT add-on during a professional skin treatment, or treat themselves at home with our DIY tapping tool. As with acupuncture, tapping involves stimulating the body’s energy meridian points – areas of the body through which energy flows. In Chinese Medicine, blocks or imbalances in the flow of energy lead to ill health. Tapping on these meridian points improves the flow of energy to resolve physical and emotional issues.

Tapping can also work in a similar way to mindfulness, as it draws your attention to your body and breathing. It may also serve as a mental distraction from the issues that are causing anxiety or stress.

I believe we can improve ourselves. I exercise daily and it’s my rituals of internal directedness that keep me grounded. To maintain my emotional (mental) health, I have a few rituals, including daily meditation, psychotherapy sessions, neurofeedback, EMDR, psilocybin and tapping treatments when I am feeling stressed, unsafe or uncentered. The best way to feel good about ourselves is to compare ourselves against our younger self, to see our improvement and know we have grown. Improve Your Energy."

Sean Abel / Owner

Through the Derma Energy original white packaging line, Sean is committed to helping improve the lives of all minority groups, especially the queer community. Dermaenergy’s Queer Chemistry initiative has been launched in support of LGBTQIA+ communities that struggle to identify as worthy, especially in the face of discrimination.

The goal of Queer Chemisty is to help empower all those who feel different. Helping them discover that their lives matter and their voices are heard. Helping them to gain confidence, pursue their dreams, and achieve their goals. This symbol appears on boxes of the Dermaenergy White Label. As the brand grows, so too does the financial support we offer to charities that provide emotional support and promote personal growth and development. #InclusiveCare #improveyourenergy

#InclusiveCare #improveyourenergy