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From ATP to ZINC

From ATP to ZINC Our Top 10 active ingredients in Derma Energy - Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Peptides, Vitamin A (retinol), Rumex, Tazman Pepper Berry and Zinc. These are the solutions to hydrated, soft, refined, dewy, healthy looking skin!

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Q&A With Derma Energy Founder and Formulator Sean Abel

Derma Energy was originally created for a younger demographic, the brief was light-weight, breathable skincare. We wanted to create a medical cosmeceutical that leaned into preventative care. We know prevention is better than cure. We think most skincare lines are desperately trying to turn back the clock (with minimal success). It’s the analogy of applying an antioxidant to a cut apple. Yes it will delay the apple from turning brown (oxidizing) but once it has oxidized, applying the antioxidant post oxidation will not return the apple to its healthy state. The same goes for the skin. It’s much harder to reverse skin damage.

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A Green Soothie - A Smooth Operator

A Green Soothie is the newest product release from Derma Energy. It features 11 active ingredients blended together to help soothe and repair a red skin. One of the active ingredients is a peptide called NeutraZen. NeutraZen peptide is a topical skincare ingredient that is designed to help promote a sense of calm and relaxation in the skin. It is formulated with specific peptides that have soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

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Tazman Pepper Berry in Skincare

Today, we're exploring a hidden gem in the world of skincare: Tazman Pepper. Don't assume because of the name it's spicy, in fact it's a highly soothing active ingredient without any perrery undertones. This intriguing ingredient, rooted in the wilds of Tasmania Australia, has been turning heads in the skincare industry with its impressive benefits. As an Australian skincare brand, we are thrilled to work with Tazman Pepper.

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Prebiotic, Probiotic and Postbiotic Skincare - Explained

At the heart of a growing wave of microbiome-supporting skincare, these buggy ingredients are generating quite a lot of buzz. But what is prebiotic, probiotic and postbiotic skincare? What are biotics’ benefits – and what skin types and concerns do they address? In this go-to guide to pro-, pre-, and postbiotic skincare, we'll cover everything you need to know. For calm, balanced and resilient skin, read on.

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