“The last decade has seen vast improvements in our understanding of skin health and ageing. With over 30 years of experience in the aesthetic industry I am truly excited with the introduction of Dermaenergy Black Label. This Australian made medical skincare line is hands down an exceptional brand offering innovative and attentive ingredient choices that address skin concerns requiring advanced stimulation. With ATP at its core Dermaenergy Black Label provides direct delivery of active ingredients treating not only the symptoms but the cause of skin conditions and ageing.”

Suzannah Mason
Skinastute Director / Clinic Nurse 


"We've been a fan of Dermaenergy from the get-go. So naturally we were curious to trial the Black Label. I have had the pleasure of trailing a number of the new range and I can honestly say, they nailed it! Here are my favourites (so far), 3D Clean, LQD Exfoliant, HA3 Serum, Serve and Protect."

Vicki Piets
Registered Nurse / Cosmetic Injector at Cosmetic Elegance.