Testing Dermaenergy Difference!

Dermaenergy is on a mission to up your
cleansing game

A thorough cleanse is arguably the most important step of any skincare routine; therefore, we’ve created a brush that delivers the deep clean your complexion deserves. Made of soft silicone, our DermaBrush prepares the skin canvas properly, ensuring the products that follow can work their hardest.

Dermaenergy believes in a scrub-free

We’re passionate about farewelling irritating physical exfoliants. We’ve created a liquid exfoliant, based on AHAs and BHAs, to exfoliate the skin with minimal irritation. This means we’re working to improve the skin’s natural shedding process, instead of creating trauma.

Dermaenergy celebrates the power of

Energy-enhancing ATP is the foundation of our brand. We’ve based our entire skincare line around enhancing energy, hydration and keeping the skin in balance.

Dermaenergy knows sensitive skin is on
the rise

Our skin is becoming more and more sensitive with the overuse of irritating scrubs, retinol, glycolic acid, sulfates, PEGS, and fragrances. Deeply aware of these skin-irritating culprits, we’ve consciously avoided these ingredients in all our formulations.

A Note From Sean

The Founder of Dermaenergy

My story begins back in 2000 when, at the age of 24, I was introduced to the wonder that is topical Vitamin C. A new concept at the time, Vitamin C was the name on every skincare lover’s lips as it, what felt like, seamlessly ushered in a new era of cosmeceuticals.

A magazine writer at the time, I was reviewing this hot new ingredient and decided I’d give a preventative serum a try! As I applied the potent serum, I was imagining myself youthful as ever and glowing my way into my 40’s and 50’s – with a cocktail in hand, of course!

Unfortunately, a one-way ticket to glow town wasn’t in order and instead, I was dealing with breakouts. Naturally, I stopped using it and felt frustrated as I felt that was the end of my relationship with Vitamin C, I was unable to benefit from it! Well, so I thought.

The reason my skin broke out from that Vitamin C serum was because it was formulated for an ageing client. The serum was rich and overly nourishing, two things my skin didn’t need at the time.

This is when the Dermaenergy seed was first planted in my mind. The idea of an active skincare line, aimed at those in their 20s who, like me, wanted to start preserving their skin. I kept dreaming about creating a skincare line that was not based on oils or anything overly nourishing. A line that, from the way it looked and felt to the products themselves, gave off a light, fun, colourful and vivacious energy but knew their ingredients and took them seriously, really seriously. Super-light serums, fun, and colourful, high energy but with serious ingredients.

Fast forward a decade and I discovered a topical ingredient created to enhance energy in the skin. That ingredient was ATP - Adenosine Triphosphate. It was the missing element to execute my dream. I believed that all skin should benefit from this electrifying ingredient, not just when turning to an anti-ageing cream. Charging the skin with energy with every application, I am proud to say that the effervescent brand I dreamt of, all those years ago, is Dermaenergy.

Thank you so much for being here. I hope you love it as much as I’ve loved creating it.

Sean Abel

Cosmetic Chemist / Beauty Therapist / Beauty Editor