Training & Launch Dates


  • Every Monday in February
  • Limited to 12 people at each event
  • 10am - 1pm
  • $25 each person
  • Price includes early lunch and a FREE skincare product
  • Black Label training/insight
  • Learn about the development and results of the brand



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The original Dermaenergy (white label) was launched in 2017 with guns blazing, promoting unique beliefs. In 2020, with the launch of the Black Label, we continue to stand behind them.

DermaEnergy Black Label is a step up from the White Label range. The higher concentration of active ingredients in this range will dramatically reignite a more mature skin, increasing energy and vitality and reducing visible signs of ageing. Prescription-only, Black Label is not available to buy online. It must be prescribed by a skin therapist / nurse / doctor.

Dermaenergy believes most of us aren’t cleaning our skin properly, hence why they’ve created a silicone brush called DermaBrush to help deeply clean the skin.

Dermaenergy believes in a liquid exfoliant over a physical exfoliant. Liquid exfoliants based on AHA and BHA dissolve intercellular glue and remove dead skin cells with minimal irritation.

Dermaenergy believes energy is crucial for your skin, so they’ve based their entire skincare line around the energy-enhancing ingredient, ATP. Finally,

Dermaenergy believes our skin is becoming more sensitive with the overuse of irritants like scrubs, retinol, glycolic acid, pegs and sulfates. To find the balance of actives without irritation has been their challenge....