Wholesale terms & condtions

Wholesale Terms & Condtions

  1. ACCOUNTS: All orders will require pre-payment.
  2. DERMAENERGY UNITS: Dermaenergy requests if possible to order in lots of 6 in retail items.
  3. FREIGHT: All orders will incur a freight charge. 
  4. RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICING: Dermaenergy has the right to set the Recommend Retail Price (RRP) of all skincare products & medical devices provided by the company. We prefer stockists sell all products at the RRP, although we cannot legally enforce this.
  5. NO INTERNET SALES: Dermaenergy grants to you, our client an exclusive, non-transferable license to sell the Licensed Products through your skin clinic only. For the avoidance of doubt, you cannot sell or distribute Dermaenergy products on the internet. If the applicant is found to be selling Dermaenergy on the internet, then we will commence litigation immediately.
  6. NO PRICE LISTING: you can promote the Dermaenergy skincare line on your company's website, but you are restricted to list the sales price of any Dermaenergy product. 
  7. MARKETING: Client agrees to receive all emails providing information of company information and any promotions.
  8. LEGAL: The Applicant will indemnify Dermaenergy for any legal and collection Agent costs or commissions for the recovery of debts owing by the Applicant to Dermaenergy.