5 common acne myths to clear up

5 Common Acne Myths to clear up

5 Common Acne Myths to clear up

We hear you: acne’s a real bitch. It can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, not to mention confusing and expensive to treat. But it needn’t be that way! To help you on your way to smooth, clear skin, we’ve decided to debunk five common acne myths. How many of these sound familiar?

#1 – You need to wash your face with a drying soap (or a harsh wash)

No! Regular and gentle cleansing is essential to remove the oils and dirt than can contribute to breakouts. However, over cleansing will have the opposite effect, stripping the skin of essential hydration and causing it to compensate by producing even MORE oil. So cool it on the obsessive cleansing, use a foaming cleanser but avoid harsh or soap-based products. Cleansing twice a day is enough.

#2 – You should skip the moisturiser

Never! Starving your skin of moisture is basically like waving a red flag at your oil glands. Instead, opt for a lightweight, non-comedogenic formulation designed specifically for acne-prone skins. Keep an eye out for dual-purpose prods that regulate oil production and soothe angry skins, like DermaEnergy’s oil-free Light As A Feather. It’s formulated with mattifying ingredients to absorb excess oil throughout the day, and silver to promote healing.

#3 – You should use a face scrub to unclog pores

No go! When you have acne, your skin is inflamed, sore and sensitive, so scrubbing it with a harsh scrub will only make it worse. You really do need to tread carefully with acne. Scrubbing can spread bacteria and trigger a nasty flare up. Instead, use a liquid exfoliant (ie an acid serum). These typically contain Salicylic Acid. This wonder ingredient helps unclog pores from inside the pore, preventing breakouts. DermaEnergy’s Shed The Dead features acids to remove the dead skin rather than an abrasive scrub.

#4 – Some sun’ll fix it!

No again. This one works on the principle that pimples just need to ‘dry out’ and your skin will be automatically clear up. Acne isn’t just a surface issue, so you really need to address the causes, not just the spot itself. Plus, that double dose of sun will up and increase your oil production. Not to mention the other damage UV exposure is doing!

#5 – Sunscreen is the enemy

No, no, no. Which brings us to one of the biggest myths of all! With all the new and advanced sunscreen options out there for oily skins, there is NO excuse not to wear sunscreen every single day. We have your back... consider this zinc based, oil-free sunscreen.