7 DEADLY SKINS - Treat the 7 Deadly Skins with Dermaenergy

7 DEADLY SKINS - Treat the 7 Deadly Skins with Dermaenergy

Skin not living its best life? You could be suffering one of the 7 deadly skins. But fear not, with a little bit of love and the right active ingredients, complexion redemption is yours.

Deadly Skin #1: Red Skin

Red, angry and inflamed skin can make you self conscious, with many trying to mask their redness with heavy makeup. This often causes further irritation, continuing the sensitivity cycle.

The Solution: Calm The Harm

Instead of camouflaging redness, we should be targeting its causes, calming and strengthening the skin. Calm The Harm is a light, soothing serum, formulated especially to reduce redness. Niacinamide helps to strengthen the skin’s barrier, reducing penetration of irritants, while beta glucan and oatmeal are anti-inflammatory, helping to calm reactive skin. Anti-redness ingredient Symcare helps with barrier repair, and Adenosine Triposphate (ATP) provides the skin with vital energy.


Deadly Skin #2: Polluted Skin

Every day, we’re faced with external aggressors that trigger free radical activity and speed up ageing. Antioxidants play a vital role in neutralising free radical damage from the sun, pollution, tobacco smoke etc, and Vitamin C is one of the most powerful.   

The Solution: Solution From Pollution

Fragranced with 100% natural orange essential oil, Solution From Pollution is an oil-free, lightweight antioxidant serum that smells better than your morning OJ, and it’s jam-packed with Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate – a water soluble form of Vitamin C. Also in the antioxidant cocktail are Resveratrol and green and white teas, ensuring the skin is thoroughly protected from invisible pollution. Daily application will help prevent premature ageing and reduce signs of sun damage.


Deadly Skin #3: Dull Skin

A dull, uneven skintone is just as ageing as wrinkles. In today’s youth-obsessed world, we’re all about that glow! 

The Solution: Refine Over Time

Retinol is the gold-star active ingredient for rehabilitating dull and uneven skin, and it’s the hero of Refine Over Time. Used in both anti-acne and anti-ageing applications, Retinol (Vitamin A) refines the epidermis and stimulates the skin for increased clarity and smoothness, and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin A can irritate more sensitive skins, so Refine Over Time has been formulated with soothing Niacinamide.


Deadly Skin #4: Dehydrated Skin

Alcohol and air conditioning are just two causes of skin dehydration. Not to be confused with lipid-dry skin – a skin type – dehydration can occur for any skin type, even oily! Dehydrated skin may experience a feeling of tightness, increased sensitivity, and a dull, rough texture, with more noticeable fine lines.

The Solution: Hydrate And Inflate

Hyaluronic Acid – a naturally occurring substance with an immense capacity to retain water – is king when it comes to preventing and treating dehydration. It’s the star ingredient in Hydrate And Inflate, and increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture.


Deadly Skin #5: Aged Skin

Wrinkles, dullness and a loss of elasticity are signs of ageing skin. Thankfully, you can help prevent premature ageing and do a lot to turn back the clock with the right skincare regime.

The Solution: Race Against Time

To soften wrinkles that are set in their ways, think peptides. Peptides stimulate the skin and tell it how to function; they can help to repair collagen and elastin, for plumper and firmer skin. Race Against Time rejuvenates the skin with peptides, energises with ATP, and protects with antioxidant-rich grape stem xells.


Deadly Skin #6: Pigmented Skin

Whether caused by the sun or hormones, pigmentation is notoriously hard to treat. A half-baked treatment approach won’t work – you have to be committed. Daily sunscreen wear is also essential to avoid triggering future pigmentation.

The Solution: For Brighter Days

For Brighter Days has a formula that evens the skin in several ways: B White is a peptide that balances melanocytes, native Canadian plant Rumex inhibits tyrosinase activity (tyrosinase is one of the main enzymes involved in the pigmentation process), and Vitamin C helps to brighten. The serum should be used twice daily, under moisturiser.


Deadly Skin #7: Rough Skin

Regular exfoliation is the key to boosting cellular turnover and removing dry, dead skin. However, Dermaenergy is anti-aggressive scrubbing! So what should you do?

The Solution: Shed The Dead

A chemical exfoliant is a gentle option that works by dissolving the ‘glue’ that binds dead cells to the skin’s surface. Shed The Dead is a leave-on liquid exfoliant that contains a mix of AHAs (lactic, mandelic and citric acids) and salicylic acid to boost cell turnover and keep pores clear of build up for smoother, healthier and younger-looking skin, with fewer breakouts.